Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Show notes 2-9-21 (THE FAKE CHECKERS)

Show notes 2-9-21

  1. Memory verse
  2. All y’all who utilize fact-checkers to argue against conservative truth claiming posts, articles, statements, pronouncements, etc... save it, they are all too often intellectually dishonest with left leaning bias
  3. NEW TACTIC OF FACT-CHECKERS EXPOSED! They conflate 2 things when attempting to debunk an objective provable truth. One is objective (the stated truth claim) and then they add or highlight a subjective or altogether unrelated issue to the original concept or general idea intending to be conveyed in the statement, in order to wholesale deem the entire statement or post “MOSTLY FALSE.” (Reference Ben Shapiro podcast 23:44-24:17 minutes ep.1188)
  4. “Did AOC Exaggerate the Danger She Was in During Capitol Riot?”
  5. Who will fact check the fact-checkers?
  6. Meryl Streep is overrated - fake-checked
  7. Terrorism increased since the Oslo accords - fake-checked
  8. Ninth circuit most overturned by SCOTUS - fake-checked
  9. Planned Parenthood rewards employees for promoting abortion services - fake-checked
  10. 70,000 coal miners would have been out of work by last minute Obama regulation - fake-checked
  11. Regulations create jobs for out-of-work coal miners; new jobs in regulating the affairs of other coal miners
  12. Is intellectual dishonesty simply stupid lying? What they do isn’t intellectual, it’s stupid and dishonesty just means liar. Stupid liars.  

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