Tuesday, March 16, 2021

SHOW 3-16-21


1. Dove soap gets politically correct 
2. Memory verse Psalms 147:4-6 
3. April fools day is canceled 
4. Biden‘s dependence on rules for Independence Day 
5. Democrat pipe dreams for conservatives to disappear but no Keystone XL Pipeline 
6. Governor Cuomo wants his accusers to meet and discuss at Sunny acres nursing home 
7. Kamala‘s broom isn’t eco-friendly
8. WAPO Makes up stories about Trump’s phone call with Georgia Secretary of State 
9. Good and bad stewardship of Covid relief stimulus.
10. Democrat elites should pay out of pocket, not out of taxes, for reparations.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

SHOW 3-9-21 Stimulus, Vaccines, Abortion, Borders, Trump, Gas

SHOW 3-9-21 Stimulus, Vaccines, Abortion, Borders, Trump, Gas

1. $1400 stimulus checks going out this month

2. Can you really call it Covid relief stimulus, when only 9% of the 1.9 trillion dollar package goes to Americans for  that purpose? 

3. Reports of blindness and deafness in the UK after mRNA Covid vaccines. Ben Stein’s not feeling too hot either

4. Communist Cuomo intends to require negative Covid test blockchain passport app to attend sports events and theaters

5. Biden opens borders for illegal immigration, with over 100 infected with coronavirus coming into Texas and then tells Texas to manage the Covid testing and quarantining of the illegals

6. Trump tells RNC to stop evoking his name for fundraising

7. Why gas prices are spiking

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Show 3-2-21 Trump’s Party

Show Notes 3-2-21 

  1. Memory verse Psalm 55:22

  2. Three things to note about Trump’s CPAC speech

  3. Trump is naming names of RHINO swamp donkeys

  4. Mitch McConnell picked the wrong fight with Trump and his favorability has plummeted

  5. SCOTUS is a better punter than those in the NFL, rejecting the Kraken lawsuits

  6. Cuomo’s in trouble, Whitmer may be in trouble

  7. Biden doesn’t know who is in his own party

  8. Sheila Jackson Lee wants to take away guns, but know nothing about them