Monday, February 1, 2021

Show 2-1-21


Show notes 2/1/21

  1. Exciting news. This show may have an opportunity to go on the radio! 
  2. #BidenLied is trending super hot on twitter
  3. What a great discount! Biden is killing jobs and slashing workers with his climate agenda. Probably a net loss for coal miners. 
  4. A CEO has a decision to make. 
  5. Fat-cat rich hedge fund players get their butts handed to them by the Reddit guys as their short sale beating now tops 1 billion dollars
  6. And speaking of butts, it’s reported that passengers on a plane en route to Beijing, were redirected to a hotel for mandatory anal swabs for Covid detection. 
  7. Justice Alito calls Covid 19 lockdowns a “Constitutional Stress Test” which has curbed American liberties to degrees “previously unimaginable.”
  8. Out with the old, in with the new. Trump tasks 2 new lawyers to defend him in the senate impeachment trial. Some other lawyers left... probably afraid of getting canceled. 

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