Thursday, January 7, 2021


Fellow patriots 🇺🇸 (video at bottom of post)


Forgive me if I and a multitude of Trump supporters don’t trust any of your fact checking. If you do an autopsy on how many on the political right have become so cynical, the left would be found to blame. 

For years under President Trump, his supporters have been put through gaslighting, a fake witch hunt, constant lies and disrespect from the MSM, and their leftist politicians as we are dubbed “bitter clingers, deplorables, and smelly Walmart shoppers”... and so much more. 

Then there’s a group associated with the left that bombs a Portland courthouse for over a month and it’s allowed. No one on the left or the media says a thing. No condemnation. Why? Because they aren’t Trump supporters. They’re anti-Trump. They’re haters of Trump and his basket of deplorables. But it’s okay because their ANTIFA and BLM militia’s evil actions advance the left’s agenda. 

We have seen that Trump supporters have mostly been peaceful and law abiding whereas the other side (ANTIFA, BLM and even lefties not associated to those groups), bomb, smash, destroy, assault and act like animals! 

When there isn’t one guiding set of principles in this country, but instead one rule for the left and media and another for conservatives who call out violence everywhere it exists, you have two sets of guiding principles. One for me but not for thee. 

When you have a two tier justice system, one for the left elites (the aristocracy) and another for the rest of us (the bourgeoisie), you have two sets of guiding principles. One for me but not for thee. 

When you have a questionable election where Trump smoked Obama’s vote totals and they both smoked how many counties Biden won, who didn’t even campaign, but when he did he had tens of tens of people show up. You have a normal and to be expected cynicism, but it’s frustrated when it’s not addressed or considered cooky.

When you have a thriving economy under MAGA and Trump waves the magic wand and brought back manufacturing, and then all of a sudden a virus is released from the very place (China) that Trump was putting tariffs on and checking them, and the economy is locked down. You have a normal and to be expected cynicism.

When you have corrupt state governments sidestepping the legislatures with voting rules changes unconstitutionally and it’s accepted without question from the left, unless the tables were turned, you don’t have one set of guiding principles. And the sheep on the left turn a blind eye because they get to win and it doesn’t matter that is was through constant corrupt and hateful tactics... that’s unequal weights and measures which God says He hates! 

So save me your fact checks and your sourcing. I don’t believe much of what comes from the left anymore. They’ve tried to get Trump supporters to swallow the poison pill of their propaganda for years now.  

And the left 2 tier justice and 2 sets of guiding principles is to blame for this Patriot’s and many others’ extreme cynicism. 

By George Dunn
© 01/07/2021

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